Silver Car Crash: Shattered Shine

Silver Car Crash: Shattered Shine
Title: Shattered Shine
Artist: Silver Car Crash
Label: Crafted Sounds
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 618119938031
Genre: Rock

Mysterious, elusive, and dysfunctional (at times)... Pittsburgh DIY regulars Silver Car Crash make some of the rawest contemporary rock music around, fitting right in line with today's noisy, post-punk wave. On Shattered Shine, their second full-length record, we find the band exiting their early twenties, evaluating pending doom, chasing dreams, and exploring self awareness. The recipe calls for noise, distortion, deadpan vocals, shouting, quick rock riffs... and that's exactly what you'll get.

1.1 Interference
1.2 Lessons
1.3 Nature
1.4 Crime
1.5 Pleasure Zone
1.6 Sun Dried Tomatoes
1.7 Sacred Repetition
1.8 Tee Vee
1.9 Never Really Had It
1.10 Minor Celebrity
1.11 Accept
1.12 Ways to Exist

Silver Car Crash: Shattered Shine

Product-type:VINYL LP

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