Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: Of Natural History

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: Of Natural History
Title: Of Natural History
Label: Blood Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold sleeve. The legendary avant-rock band Sleepytime Gorilla Museum comes to vinyl for the first time in history! A band that leaps beyond mere categorization, SGM represents a defiance against anything we've come to expect about musical delivery. Steeped somewhere in the pantheon of 19th-century scientific lectures, vaudevillian blasts of excitement, puppet shows, self-made instruments, formless abstraction, soothing atmospheres, man-on-the-street interviews, and death metal - SGM has proven itself as one of the most prominent experimental forces in the musical underground of the last 15 years. Harkening back to the mischievous influences of The Residents, Frank Zappa, and Captain Beefheart; SGM has fashioned their own intense Dadaist universe out of a string of legends that manifest in the mysterious manners of being unable to be proven true or untrue.

1.1 A Hymn to the Morning Star
1.2 The Donkey-Headed Adversary of Humanity Opens the Discussion
1.3 Phthisis
1.4 Bring Back the Apocalypse
1.5 FC: The Freedom Club
1.6 Gunday's Child
1.7 The 17-Year Cicada
1.8 The Creature
1.9 What Shall We Do Without Us?
1.10 Babydoctor
1.11 Cockroach
1.12 Untitled

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: Of Natural History

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