Spiritual Front: Amour Braque

Spiritual Front: Amour Braque
Title: Amour Braque
Artist: Spiritual Front
Label: Prophecy
UPC: 884388308237
Genre: Rock

Two CD hardcover book edition including bonus CD. 2018 release. Five years after the compilation album Open Wounds, Italian 'suicide pop' trio Spiritual Front release the album Amour Braque. French for 'Mad Love', Amour Braque is conceptually described as "a sincere and cruel analysis of what love/sex relations are, a path that switches between tenderness and rot". Formed in 1999 as the solo project of Simone H. Salvatori, Spiritual Front dubs it's sound "catchy ballads for heartbreaker nihilist youth"; it's Morricone-inspired neofolk channels art rock, tango, new wave and country influences through a modern lens. Spiritual Front's unique musical identity is a reflection of Salvatori's savoir-faire which sees the frontman as a sort of Machiavellian playboy, merging Las Vegas-esque pomp and stomp with a surly suggestiveness, lending the band's sound a hedonistic flair. The lyrical themes shared by Salvatori deal with issues such as searching for self-identity, sexuality, harsh realities and angry break-ups, each tinted with sarcasm, nihilism and biting humor. Amour Braque is Spiritual Front's sixth full-length album. The record combines gloomy alternative rock, dark folk and chamber pop with standout 60's blues rock vibes. Featuring striking cover art by cult surrealist artist Saturno Buttò, Amour Braque features guest musicians Matt Howden, King Dude, Client and more.

1.1 Intro/Love's Vision
1.2 Tenderness Through Violence
1.3 Disaffection
1.4 The Abyss of Heaven
1.5 Children of the Black Light
1.6 Pain Is Love
1.7 Beauty and Decay
1.8 Devoted to You
1.9 This Past Was Only Mine
1.10 Battuage
1.11 An End Named Hope
1.12 The Man I've Become
1.13 Vladimir Central
1.14 Battuage Reprise
1.15 Devotion Like Emptiness
1.16 This Past Was Never Mine
1.17 The Tender Caress of Violence
1.18 I Am Your Black Sun
1.19 My Heart Out
1.20 Don't Speak My Name
1.21 My Dead Charade
1.22 Does Your Sex Open Any Door?
1.23 Dear Lucifer (Acoustic Version)
1.24 Protect Me
1.25 My Love Won't Fade (Acoustic Version)

Spiritual Front: Amour Braque


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