Spur: Of the Moments

Spur: Of the Moments
Title: Of the Moments
Label: Drag City
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP reissue of this underground '60s release. Doncha just hate it when a majorly-touted obscurity or major find fancy reissue finally makes it into your hands, and it turns out to be nothing but sub-Hendrix acid-rawk jams, tuneless loner plink, some horn-addled overblown studio pomp, or simply just obscure-for-a-very-good reason? Or worse yet, it's an album you've already heard, but you buy it again for a bunch of bonus material, which is nothing but lame garage rock covers? Well folks, relax you are in no such danger with the major unveiling of the soon-to-be-seminal Belleville, Illinois outfit Spur. Little did we all know that still lurking in southern Illinois (near St. Louis actually), was one of the most amazing secret bands that could've given any '60s Sunset Strip band a serious run for it's money.

1.1 Mind Odyssey
1.2 Mr. Creep
1.3 Tribal Gathering/
1.4 We Don't Want to Know
1.5 Modern Era
1.6 Time Is Now
1.7 Be Tender, My Love
1.8 You Could Help Me
1.9 Ease the Pain
1.10 All Over the World
1.11 Help Me I'm Falling
1.12 Eight Days a Week
1.13 Yield Not

Spur: Of the Moments

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