Roach, Steve: Immersion: Three

Steve Roach: Immersion: Three
Title: Immersion: Three
Label: Projekt Records

Focusing on ambient "zones" created as tone meditations for the living space, IMMERSION: THREE is destined to create a new benchmark in the long-form ambient genre. With one composition per disc, the nearly 4 hours of all-new material on IMMERSION: THREE displays Steve's quiet mastery of the immersive ambient genre. Gently effective at low volume, the non-dynamic nature of these spaces supports focused day and night activities. Minimal in nature and sonically uninterrupted for 74 minutes per disc, these pieces bring Steve's years as a sound painter of deep subtle spaces to a rarified point in time.

1.1 First Light
2.1 Sleep Chamber
3.1 Still

Roach, Steve: Immersion: Three

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