Swimming Pools & Movie Stars: Modern Architecture

Swimming Pools & Movie Stars: Modern Architecture
Title: Modern Architecture
Label: Jigsaw Recordings

Primarily a solo project (or at least on this, their debut album), SP & MS is the work of a southern Californian named Laurence, who I've actually known of for a few years due to his being a regular at the Jigsaw shop. So since I already knew he had good musical taste, it was a pretty safe bet that I'd like the music he made, ha ha! His songwriting and playing definitely owes a lot to the first few New Order albums & Darklands" era Jesus And Mary Chain, but also has additional elements of shoegaze - only more in a gentler, indiepop-inflected American style (ie. Aberdeen, Fonda, Brittle Stars) than the louder bands of England's first wave. As such, the songs here tend to feel light and airy, even when they're layered with synths and lightly-distorted guitars. And above this subtle backdrop, you'll find some truly wonderful guitar and/or bass melodies (courtesy of the band's other member, Droo) that add even more beauty to these already idyllic tunes!

1.1 One
1.2 Someone Like You
1.3 Saturday
1.4 Zac ; Zoe
1.5 Stay
1.6 I Dig You
1.7 Live Away
1.8 Stars

Swimming Pools & Movie Stars: Modern Architecture

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