Swimmingpool: Good Old Music

Swimmingpool: Good Old Music
Title: Good Old Music
Label: Combination
Product Type: VINYL LP

Two LP pressing. This is the long-awaited second album from Michael Scheibenreiter and Stefan Schwander (Antonelli electr., Repeat Orchestra), AKA Swimmingpool. A good four years have passed since the producers from Düsseldorf landed their debut-coup, which spawned club hits galore and casually invented, according to Kompakt-authority Tobias Thomas, a new genre called "dubn'bass." Good Old Music brings the two very close to the dance floor, which is a well known area for them, due to their reputations as experienced and well-versed dance music producers. During the production of the album they aimed for a clear, easy and uplifting flow. Typical sounds and sound-fragments are augmented with micro-musical set pieces; a guitar-lick here, a piano-hook there. The strings are plucked, the basses are dry and funky, as if they were played by Bernard Edwards himself, and the whole thing is embedded into a solid, softly powerful bass drum. Combination. 2006.

1.1 Chic Plaza
1.2 Bernard
1.3 I'm Thirtyfour
1.4 Last Night
1.5 Carbono
1.6 Black Barrym
1.7 Bilk Madness
1.8 Carpet Sweeper
1.9 Soul Made Pling
1.10 Dark Hourse Twinkles

Swimmingpool: Good Old Music

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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