Teenage Guitar: Force Fields at Home

Teenage Guitar: Force Fields at Home
Title: Force Fields at Home
Artist: Teenage Guitar
Label: Guided By Voices
UPC: 655035083629
Genre: Alternative Rock

2013 releasse. For the most discerning aficionados of Robert Pollard and Guided By Voices, Teenage Guitar offers experiments in spontaneity and lo-fi witchiness and wizardry, exploring multiple moods and styles. This is pure high-potency solo Pollard (vocals, guitars, piano) with occasional assistance from Greg Demos (drums) and Joe Patterson (bass). Brewed in the home laboratory using a historic mid-90s Tascam 488 cassette recorder, without professional engineers or adult supervision, Force Fields at Home recalls the sound and spirit of mid-'90s GBV EPs like Clown Prince of the Menthol Trailer. Only the lyrics were composed ahead - the music flowed spontaneously while the tape ran. Don't blink, these will disappear quickly.

1.1 Court of Lions
1.2 Come See the Supermoon
1.3 Current Pressings, Colors and Styles
1.4 Still Downstairs
1.5 8 Bars of Meaningless Mathilda
1.6 Harvest Whale
1.7 Strangers for a Better Society
1.8 It Takes a Great Promise
1.9 It Doesn't Mean I'm Underground
1.10 Baby Apple
1.11 Peter Pan Can
1.12 Alice and Eddie (Fabulous Child Actors)
1.13 Alfred Never
1.14 Gymnasium Politics
1.15 Atlantic Cod
1.16 Suburban Cycle Saccharine
1.17 Post Card to Pinky
1.18 Let Me

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Teenage Guitar: Force Fields at Home


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