Adventures: Supersonic Home

The Adventures: Supersonic Home
Title: Supersonic Home
Label: Run for Cover

Supersonic Home, the anticipated debut LP from Pittsburgh's resident musical wunderkinds Adventures, is an ambitious blend of powerhouse influences: these ten songs re imagine of the best parts of 90's alt-rock and emo and infuse them with the cathartic energy of punk. However, Adventures delivers much more than just the sum of these parts. Throughout pensive, melancholic retreats like 'Tension and 'Long Hair,' the constant vocal tandem of Reba Meyers and Kimi Hanauer radiates above every infectious pop- rock riffs and the warm, rhythmic backbone of bass and keyboard.

1.1 Dream Blue Haze
1.2 Heavenly
1.3 Your Sweetness
1.4 My Marble Hole
1.5 Pure
1.6 Absolution, Worth Requited
1.7 Walk You to Bed
1.8 Tension
1.9 Long Hair
1.10 Supersonic Home

Adventures: Supersonic Home

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