Honeymoon Killers: Special Manubre

The Honeymoon Killers: Special Manubre
Title: Special Manubre
Label: Crammed Disc Us

Released at last for the first time on CD, the debut album by The Honeymoon Killers caused quite a bit of commotion when it first came out in 1977, on Marc Moulin's ephemeral Kamikaze label. At that time, the band consisted of an assortment of miscreants, taxi drivers, cooks, professional gamblers and other musical delinquents who performed a massacre on all genres, from rockabilly and punk to marching band music, French chanson and free Jazz. This reissue includes previously-unreleased live versions of Jimi Hendrix's 'Machine Gun' and Dick Annegarn's 'Bébé Eléphant.'

1.1 Mononucleose (1:13)
1.2 Spoeida Menneke (1:51)
1.3 Oh Suzanna (1:53)
1.4 Les Petits Oiseaux (7:37)
1.5 La Brabançonne (1:20)
1.6 Trois Petites Notes de Musique (4:52)
1.7 Blankenberghe (4:56)
1.8 Petit Papa Noel (0:23)
1.9 La Leçon de Twist (4:53)
1.10 Oh Carol (2:22)
1.11 Fermeture Du Cafe Des Sports (2:43)
1.12 La Mauvaise Reputation (4:58)
1.13 Goodbye Hawai (5:17)
1.14 Machine Gun (2:49)
1.15 Ou Peut-On Etre Mieux... (4:28)
1.16 Bebe Elephant (2:05)
1.17 Chamberiere, Chamberiere (2:29)

Honeymoon Killers: Special Manubre

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