The Hoosiers: Trick To Life - 140-Gram Black Vinyl

The Hoosiers: Trick To Life - 140-Gram Black Vinyl
Title: Trick To Life - 140-Gram Black Vinyl
Label: Demon/Edsel
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Hoosiers' formed in 2003 whilst Alan Sharland (Drummer) and Irwin Sparkes (Lead singer) were on a football scholarship at the University of Indianapolis. The pair were inspired during their time there with the band name The Hoosiers actually coming from some the colloquial term for an Indiana citizen - a Hoosier. In 2007, the band signed to RCA and the now trio of Sparkes, Sharland and Skarendahl (keyboards) released their first album The Trick To Life. The album contain huge hit singles Goodbye Mr A and Worried About Ray which would propel The Hoosiers to the very top of the charts. 15 years on we're celebrating the 15th Anniversary of The Trick To Life. Now presented in a special edition black and gold sleeve mirroring the original design. Also including previously unreleased bonus tracks and demos from this period of the band career!

1.1 Worried About Ray
1.2 Worst Case Scenario
1.3 Run Rabbit Run
1.4 Goodbye Mr. a
1.5 A Sadness Runs Through Him
1.6 Clinging on for Life
1.7 Cops and Robbers
1.8 Everything Goes Dark
1.9 Killer
1.10 The Trick to Life
2.1 Money to Be Made
2.2 The Feeling You Get When
2.3 Ruby Blue
2.4 Rules
2.5 Song for the
2.6 Uncertain (Demo)
2.7 Goodbye Mr a (Demo)
2.8 Cops and Robbers (Demo)
2.9 Swear It on Your
2.10 Life (Bonus Track)
2.11 Save Me from
2.12 Myself (Bonus Track)
2.13 Holding on for July (Demo)

The Hoosiers: Trick To Life - 140-Gram Black Vinyl

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