Innocence Mission: Now the Day Is Over

The Innocence Mission: Now the Day Is Over
Title: Now the Day Is Over
Artist: Innocence Mission
Label: Pastel
UPC: 828600300821
Genre: Alternative Rock

Asian exclusive from Pastel Music adds 2 bonus tracks '500 Miles' & 'Beautiful Savior'. Centered around the husband-and-wife songwriting team of Don Peris and Karen Peris, Lancaster, PA, natives The Innocence Mission craft a tasteful, brand of collegiate folk-pop similar to Sarah McLachlan. 2005.

1.1 Stay Awake (R. Sherman / R. Sherman)
1.2 Over the Rainbow (H. Arlen / E. Y. Harburg)
1.3 What a Wonderful World (G. Weiss / B. Thieleld)
1.4 Moon River (H. Mancini / J. Mercer)
1.5 Somewhere a Star Shines for Everyone (H. Blake)
1.6 Prelude in a (F. Chopin)
1.7 Once Upon a Summertime (Barclay / Legrand / Mercer)
1.8 My Love Goes with You (K. Peris)
1.9 Edelweiss (R. Rodgers / O. Hammerstein Il)
1.10 Sonata No. 8 (L. Beethoven)
1.11 Bye - Lo (Traditional)
1.12 It Is Well with My Soul (H. G. Spafford / P. P. Bliss)
1.13 Now the Days Is Over (S. Baring - Gould / J. Bamby)
1.14 500 Miles (Traditional) (Bonus Track)
1.15 Beatiful Savior (Traditional) (Bonus Track)

Innocence Mission: Now the Day Is Over


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