Mad Lads: Their Complete Early Volt Recordings

The Mad Lads: Their Complete Early Volt Recordings
Title: Their Complete Early Volt Recordings
Label: Stax UK

Here we have their Complete Early Volt Recordings, consisting of 24 superb soul numbers, including unreleased cuts and stereo versions. No expense has been spared by the compilers in what is an atmospheric compilation with musical tempos to suit soul fans. Standout tracks include Come Closer To Me and I Don't Want To Lose Your Love. Even the cover versions such as Michael (The Lover), made popular by the C. O. Ds and Candy originally by the Astors are quite unique. Forgotten soul made available, more so now than back then. The story does continue into 1985 and beyond. The Mad Lads recorded a club smash You Blew It for Express Records. This was also released in the UK and rekindled old flames for the Stax pranksters - the lads are back in town!

1.1 Don't Have to Shop Around
1.2 I Want Someone
1.3 Come Closer to Me
1.4 I'm Learning
1.5 You're My Inspiration
1.6 Michael (The Lover)
1.7 You Mean So Much to Me
1.8 Land of a 1000 Dances
1.9 Nothing Can Break Through
1.10 She's the One
1.11 Get Out of My Life, Woman
1.12 Sugar Sugar
1.13 Tear-Maker
1.14 What Will Love Tend to Make You Do
1.15 I Want a Girl
1.16 Patch My Heart
1.17 For These Simple Reasons
1.18 I Don't Want to Lose Your Love
1.19 Mr Fix It
1.20 Whatever Hurts You
1.21 No Time Is Better Than Right Now
1.22 Please Wait Until I'm Gone
1.23 Candy
1.24 Cloudburst

Mad Lads: Their Complete Early Volt Recordings

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