Mission Uk: Live At Rockpalast

The Mission Uk: Live At Rockpalast
Title: Live At Rockpalast
Label: Made in Germany Musi

Without a doubt, The Mission had it's first zenith in 1989/90 when the band entered the premier league of rock with the album "Carved In Sand". With "Butterfly On A Wheel" the band landed one of their biggest hits and live they were steadily turning into a celebrated stadium rock act. The Mission established primarily as a live act, making both Rockpalast concerts essential viewing for a fan.

1.1 Amelia
1.2 Childs Play
1.3 Severina
1.4 Hands Across the Ocean
1.5 Butterfly on a Wheel
1.6 Into the Blue
1.7 Sea of Love
1.8 Kingdom Come
1.9 Beyond the Pale
1.10 Tower of Strength
1.11 Dream on
1.12 Like a Hurricane
1.13 Wasteland
2.1 Wasteland
2.2 Hands Across the Ocean
2.3 Sway
2.4 Into the Blue
2.5 Heaven Knows
2.6 Like a Child
2.7 Swoon
2.8 Beyond the Pale
2.9 Deliverance
2.10 Tower of Strength
3.1 Amelia
3.2 Childs Play
3.3 Severina
3.4 Hands Across the Ocean
3.5 Butterfly on a Wheel
3.6 Into the Blue
3.7 Sea of Love
3.8 Kingdom Coma
3.9 Beyond the Pale
3.10 Tower of Strenght
3.11 Dream on
3.12 Deliverance
3.13 Like a Hurricane
3.14 Wasteland
3.15 Wasteland
3.16 Hands Across the Ocean
3.17 Sway
3.18 Into the Blue
3.19 Heaven Knows
3.20 Like a Child
3.21 Swoon
3.22 Beyond the Pale
3.23 Deliverance
3.24 Tower of Strength

Mission Uk: Live At Rockpalast

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