Script: Script

The Script: Script
Title: Script
Label: Sony

2008 release. The Script is made up of three Irish lads from Dublin who are now currently based out of London, England. The trio's music boasts the kind of artful twists sure to turn all preconceptions on their head. This is a whole new brand of Celtic Soul, blending Hip Hop lyrical flow with Pop melodiousness, state-of-the-art R&B production with anthemic Rock dynamics, classic song construction with gritty contemporary narratives. It's got all the emotion and passion you would expect from across the Irish sea, but it is glittering in it's modernity, universal in it's sing along addictiveness and global in it's syncopation, music for the feet, heart and head. This 10 track album showcases the band's fine talent with a batch of beautifully written songs. Phonogenic.

1.1 We Cry
1.2 Before the Worst
1.3 Talk You Down
1.4 The Man Who Can't Be Moved
1.5 Break Even
1.6 Rusty Halo
1.7 The End Where I Begin
1.8 Fall for Anything
1.9 If You See Kay
1.10 I'm Yours
1.11 Anybody There

Script: Script

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