Story So Far: Under Soil and Dirt

The Story So Far: Under Soil and Dirt
Title: Under Soil and Dirt
Artist: Story So Far
Label: Pure Noise
UPC: 603111935621
Genre: Alternative Rock

The Story So Far are the west coast's bright star in pop punk. Based in Walnut Creek on the outskirts of San Francisco the band has developed a rabid following across the US and abroad. Under Soil and Dirt, the band's debut full length was released in June of 2011 and follows up two highly acclaimed EPs. While the album is catchy and full of melody it often tows line very closely to the genre all while clearly making a statement about the band's punk rock leaning.

1.1 States and Minds
1.2 Room
1.3 Quicksand
1.4 Swords and Pens
1.5 High Regard
1.6 Daughters
1.7 MT. Diablo
1.8 Four Years
1.9 Rally Cap
1.10 Placeholder
1.11 Closure

Story So Far: Under Soil and Dirt


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