Vibrators: Epic Years 1976-1978

The Vibrators: Epic Years 1976-1978
Title: Epic Years 1976-1978
Artist: Vibrators
Label: Cherry Red
UPC: 5013929016149
Genre: Punk

2017 four CD set. This box includes all of the bands recordings for Epic Records between 1976-78 including sessions for the BBC. Disc One is the classic debut Pure Mania which hit #49 in the UK National Charts. Includes the seminal 'Baby Baby' single. Disc Two is the V2 album which charted at #33 in 1978 and includes the hit singles 'Automatic Lover' (#35) and 'Judy Says' (#70). The third disc comprises three sessions recorded for the legendary John Peel show on BBC Radio and they are joined by the four tracks the band performed on the Old Grey Whistle Test TV show. The last disc sees the band In Concert from the London Marquee, in the summer of '77 at the height of the Punk Rock explosion. We've used the full 19 track raw mixing desk version of the show - so much better than the overdubbed truncated version!

1.1 Into the Future
1.2 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
1.3 Sweet Sweet Heart
1.4 Keep It Clean
1.5 Baby, Baby
1.6 No Heart
1.7 She's Bringing You Down
1.8 Petrol
1.9 London Girls
1.10 You Broke My Heart
1.11 Whips ; Furs
1.12 Stiff Little Fingers
1.13 Wrecked on You
1.14 I Need a Slave
1.15 Bad Time
1.16 London Girls (Live)
1.17 Stiff Little Fingers (Live)
2.1 Pure Mania
2.2 Automatic Lover
2.3 Flying Duck Theory
2.4 Public Enemy No.1
2.5 Destroy
2.6 Nazi Baby
2.7 Wake Up
2.8 Sulphate
2.9 24 Hour People
2.10 Fall in Love
2.11 Feel Alright
2.12 War Zone
2.13 Troops of Tomorrow
2.14 Automatic Lover (Single Version)
2.15 Judy Says (Knock You in the Head)
2.16 Pushing Too Hard
3.1 Dance to the Music
3.2 Sweet Sweet Heart
3.3 Jenny Jenny
3.4 I'm Gonna Be Your Nazi Baby
3.5 We Vibrate
3.6 Petrol
3.7 Keep It Clean
3.8 Baby, Baby
3.9 London Girls
3.10 She's Bringing You Down
3.11 Automatic Lover
3.12 Destroy
3.13 Troops of Tomorrow
3.14 Fall in Love
3.15 War Zone
3.16 Flying Duck Theory
3.17 Wake Up
3.18 24 Hour People
4.1 Wrecked on You
4.2 No Fun / Raw Power
4.3 London Girls
4.4 Stiff Little Fingers
4.5 Wake Up
4.6 He's a Psycho
4.7 No Heart
4.8 Baby, Baby
4.9 Sweet Sweet Heart
4.10 Flying Duck Theory
4.11 Whips and Furs
4.12 I Need a Slave
4.13 Keep It Clean
4.14 Feel Alright
4.15 Sex Kick
4.16 Jumpin' Jack Flash
4.17 Bad Time
4.18 You Broke My Heart
4.19 She's Bringing You Down

Vibrators: Epic Years 1976-1978


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