Vienna Boys Choir: Together

Vienna Boys Choir: Together
Title: Together
Label: Deutsche Grammophon

Together - Vienna boys choir - singing, and in particular singing together as a choir, has been made difficult by the pandemic. Rehearsals have become obstacle races as they require regular precautions. This requires the kind of effort you have to make together, which is why The Vienna Boys Choir has selected 19 songs expressing that special feeling of togetherness. All 19 songs are "world hits", songs which have migrated through different cultures, songs which are known throughout the world.

1.1 Day-dah Light (Banana Boat Song)
1.2 La Paloma
1.3 Dona Dona
1.4 The Choir
1.5 Music For A While
1.6 Music Down In My Soul
1.7 Vem Kan Segla Förutan Vind
1.8 Dorogoi Dlinnoyu
1.9 O La O Che Bon Eccho
1.10 La speranza
1.11 Niška Banja
1.12 Sesivuma Sigiya
1.13 Dreaming of Home and Mother - Ryoshu - Song Bie - Li Ge
1.14 Kojo no tsuki
1.15 Raghupati Raghav Raj Ram
1.16 Man kunto maula
1.17 Üsküdar'a Gider Iken
1.18 On The Road Again
1.19 Wellerman

Vienna Boys Choir: Together

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