McCoy, Travie: Never Slept Better

Travie McCoy: Never Slept Better
Title: Never Slept Better
Label: Hopeless Records

Poster included. Multi-platinum artist Travie McCoy has delivered an album 10 years in the making, the most honest, unpretentious, and devastatingly powerful album of his career. NEVER SLEPT BETTER is the culmination of a journey that led him through a battle with addiction and depression, hitting rock bottom, and through the upward climb toward recovery and peace. Featuring collaborations with emerging pop artists, Elohim and Hamzaa, Travie McCoy continues to be the modern icon for a sound that blends pop/rock/alternative/hip hop and every genre in between.

1.1 ..Never Slept Better
1.2 Stop It
1.3 DÉJÀ Fait
1.4 Loved Me Back to Life
1.5 The Bridge (Feat. Elohim)
1.6 Down and Out in L.A
1.7 Matty's Mattresses: Deluxe la
1.8 A Spoonful of Cinnamon
1.9 Another Round
1.10 Full Monarch
1.11 Matty's Mattresses: From Larvae to Monarch
1.12 I Am Pagliacci
1.13 The Best Part of Revenge
1.14 Karma Kama Sutra
1.15 Broken Barometer Blues
1.16 Matty's Mattresses: Weatherproof
1.17 I'll Never Be Loved (Feat. Hamzaa)

McCoy, Travie: Never Slept Better

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