Folk Music of Kashmir / Var: Folk Music of Kashmir / Various

Various Artists: Folk Music of Kashmir / Various
Title: Folk Music of Kashmir / Various
Label: Folkways Records

The Kashmir Valley, which separates the Himalayan and Pir Panjal mountain ranges, is a meeting point between northwestern India, eastern Pakistan, and Central Asia. The grandeur of this environment manifests itself in Kashmiri folk music-as the liner notes describe, "Heard across the lakes and waters at night as it echoes over surrounding mountains, it has a haunting, romantic appeal." Folk Music of Kashmir presents Kashmiri singing and traditional instruments such as the santur, the bamboo flute, the tabla, and the mutkah, a percussive clay pot renowned for it's resonance. Liner notes include a description of Kashmir, track notes, illustrations of instruments, and pictures.

1.1 Santur
1.2 Title Music
1.3 Title Music
1.4 Love and the Beauty of Nature
1.5 Instrumental
1.6 Song of the Boatmen
1.7 Love Duet
1.8 Song of the Nightingale
1.9 Instrumental
1.10 Romantic Music
1.11 Song of the Silkworms
1.12 Beautiful Kashmir
1.13 Song of Spring

Folk Music of Kashmir / Var: Folk Music of Kashmir / Various

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