Great Lakes Indians / Various: Great Lakes Indians / Various

Various Artists: Great Lakes Indians / Various
Title: Great Lakes Indians / Various
Label: Folkways Records

Gertrude Prokosch Kurath recorded and comments on music performed by the Great Lakes tribes of Algonquin, Meskwaki, Ojibwa, Iroquois and others. On this collection you'll find a fish dance, peace pipe dance and powwow dance; a bear dance, eagle dance and deer song; a medicine song, drinking song and canoe song.

1.1 Buffalo Head Dance 1 and 2 / Bear Claw or Grizzly Bear Dance / Pipe of Peace or Calumet Dance / Soldier or Victory Round Dance / Love Song for Flute (Medley)
1.2 Fish Dance / Pipe of Peace Dance / Pow Wow or Horse Dance / Forty-Nine Dance / Oh Mary (Medley)
1.3 Deer Song / Jesus Wegwissian (Medley)
1.4 War Rally Song / Bear Dance / Eagle Dance / Maple Sugar Song / Hoot Owl Song (Medley)
1.5 Hoot Owl Song / Coon Song / Rabbit Song / Medicine Song (Medley)
1.6 Grass Dance Song / Drinking Song
1.7 Bear Dance
1.8 Eagle Dance
1.9 Wasase Rain Dance, War Dance
1.10 Scalp Dance
1.11 Corn Dance
1.12 Women's Dance
1.13 Fishing Dance
1.14 Stomp Dance / Rituals to the Creator / Wesleyan Hymn (Medley)
1.15 Owa Bagish Kichi Ingodwok Nijinishinabek (O for a Thousand Tongues)

Great Lakes Indians / Various: Great Lakes Indians / Various

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