King Northern Soul 3 / Various: King Northern Soul 3 / Various

Various Artists: King Northern Soul 3 / Various
Title: King Northern Soul 3 / Various
Artist: King Northern Soul 3 / Various
Label: Kent Records UK
UPC: 029667238120
Genre: Soul/R & B

UK collection of rare Northern Soul grooves. Great tracks come from the connoisseur's favorites Charles Spurling, James Duncan and Mary Johnson - proving their work to be substantially more than flashes in pans. Pioneers of black music Hank Ballard, Little Willie John and Otis Williams venture into the Soul years with three excellent offerings, while Royal Flush and the Presidents Band dip their toes into the '70s to great effect.. But probably the biggest buzz for discerning collectors will be to hear out of left field releases such as William Patton's slightly stoned 'It Hurts Me' and Mike Williams' grammatically intriguing and rhythmically irresistible 'Something You Didn't Done'. Kent Soul.

1.1 That's My Zone (He's Picking on) - Charles Spurling
1.2 Unwind Yourself - Marva Whitney
1.3 Do You Love Me - Dave ; Vee
1.4 Right Now - Mill Evans
1.5 Searching for Your Love - Robert Moore
1.6 You Got to Prove It - Dan Brantley
1.7 Out of Control - LH and the Memphis Sounds
1.8 Who's Got a Woman Like Mine - Willie Hatcher
1.9 Popcorn Charlie - Charles Spurling
1.10 Name in Lights - Freddie Williams
1.11 Tearing Down My Mind - Toni Williams
1.12 Please Johnny Don't Take My Life - James Duncan
1.13 Something You Didn't Done - Mike Williams
1.14 Baby Don't You Know - Brownettes
1.15 Thunder - Lord Thunder
1.16 Our Meeting - the Presidents Band
1.17 I'm Just a Fool (And Everybody Knows) - Hank Ballard
1.18 When We Get Together - Otis Williams
1.19 Until Again My Love - Little Willie John
1.20 Keep on Loving Me - Oscar Toney JR
1.21 House of Broken Hearts - Hal Hardy
1.22 You Have My Blessings - Mary Johnson
1.23 Mama's Baby - Royal Flush
1.24 It Hurts Me - William Patton

King Northern Soul 3 / Various: King Northern Soul 3 / Various


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