Music Equatorial Africa / Var: Music Equatorial Africa / Various

Various Artists: Music Equatorial Africa / Various
Title: Music Equatorial Africa / Various
Label: Folkways Records

This 1950 compilation utilizes recordings made in former French Equatorial Africa, a territory out of which the countries Chad, Central African Republic, Gabon, Republic of Congo, and Cameroon were formed. Performers include members of the N'Goundi, Bongili, Babinga and other tribes. Ethnic Folkways Library editor Harold Courlander provides an essay explaining the ways in which African music has influenced many styles of American music, including cowboy and Latin-American songs. Song selections emphasize how music in Africa is connected to the activities of daily living, such as a song in which N'Goundi girls "scoff at a young boy who has bragged too much about his own capabilities."

1.1 Badouma Paddler's Song (Male Chorus)
1.2 Badouma Paddler's Song (Male Voices, Sansa, Rattles, Horns)
1.3 N'goundi Song (Male Solo, Mixed Chorus, Sansa)
1.4 N'goundi Girls' Song (Female Chorus, Handclapping)
1.5 Mboko Song (Solo Voice, Musical Bow)
1.6 Mboko Riddle Song (Male Voices, Zither Harp, Wooden Sticks, Rattle)
1.7 Okandi Women's Song (Female Chorus, Drums)
1.8 Yaswa Marimbas (Three Xylophones)
1.9 Bongili Work Song (Girls' Chorus, Pestle Sounds)
1.10 Baya Dance (Mixed Voices, Drums, Rattles)
1.11 Pomo Perambulating Chant (Mixed Voices, Horns, Bell, Rattle)
1.12 Koukouya Horns and Drums (Ivory Horns, Drums, Solo Voice)
1.13 Babinga Pigmy Chorus (Flute, Women's Chorus, Handclapping)
1.14 Babinga Dance (Mixed Voices, Drums)
1.15 Kouyou Medicine Dance (Male Voices, Horn, Drums, Sticks, Handclapping)
1.16 Kouyou Women's Dance (Women's Chorus, Drums, Bell)

Music Equatorial Africa / Var: Music Equatorial Africa / Various

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