Music of Southeast Asia / Var: Music of Southeast Asia / Various

Various Artists: Music of Southeast Asia / Various
Title: Music of Southeast Asia / Various
Label: Folkways Records

Whether sung in Sanskrit or in Vietnamese, or played on renêt or modern violin, "... music in Southeast Asia is dominated by a well-integrated, highly cultivated style which is characteristic of the whole area." This collection of Music of Southeast Asia features both the popular and traditional music of Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Laos and captures the influence, and in certain cases the rejection, of the Western musical tradition on the music of this region. RELATED LESSON PLAN Thailand: Songs for Life.

1.1 Burma:Shan Song
1.2 Burma: Flower of Heaven
1.3 Burma: The Southern Island
1.4 Burma: Buddist Cerimonial Ode
1.5 Malaya: Chinchem (Temiar Dream Song)
1.6 Malaya: Siku (Temiar Dream Song)
1.7 Thailand: Admiration of a Sleeping Maiden
1.8 Thailand: Orchestral Composition
1.9 Thailand: or
1.10 Vietnam: Folk Song
1.11 Laos: Recitation from Hue Van
1.12 Laos: Woman's Song
1.13 Laos: Folk Dance
1.14 Laos: Love Song
1.15 South China: Folk Tune

Music of Southeast Asia / Var: Music of Southeast Asia / Various

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