Touch / Various: Touch

Various Artists: Touch
Title: Touch
Label: Storyville Records

Only time can tell if a musical composition will be considered a "classical" piece by future audiences, but as Danish music critic Søren Schauser has predicted: "In a couple of years we will see pieces by an Ellington or a Peterson in regular concert programs in entirely classical contexts." With "TheTouch" Søren Kristiansen and Thomas Fonnesbæk present their take on a classical piece of jazz, playing the music of Oscar Peterson and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen - classical but improvised! OP and NHØP gave us something unique and unforgettable, just as the classical composers did and still do. Being the world's greatest virtuosos on piano and double bass respectively, their immense technique and 'Touch' made them unique. Their collaboration was likewise special because they were equals. For instance, Oscar Peterson's arrangement for "On The Trail" (Great Connection, 1971) was presumably written because he had found a bassist that could keep up both musically and technically. OP & NHØP gave us something extraordinary and unforgettable, exactly like the great classical composers did and continue doing - and now Kristiansen and Fonnesbæk share their idea of how it could be played today.


Touch / Various: Touch

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