Watergate.3: I Hope / Various: Watergate.3: I Hope / Various

Various Artists: Watergate.3: I Hope / Various
Title: Watergate.3: I Hope / Various
Label: Folkways Records

Recorded in 1974, this is the cross examination of former presidential counselor John Dean IIl following his devastating 245 page long testimony about the Watergate coverup. This recording brilliantly captures "Dean's imperturbability, his mood of solemn deliberation" while revealing the truth about crimes committed by many people he respected and even considered friends.

1.1 Questioned By Samuel Dash-Background, the White House, the Cover-Up, the President
1.2 Questioned By Sen. Edward J. Gurney- the C.I.A and the Cover Up, the Kalmbach Episode
1.3 Questioned By Sen Edward J. Gurney-Meeting with H.R Haldeman the $4800, the Kalmbach Meeting
1.4 Nixon Meeting- Clemency Discussion
1.5 Questioned By Samuel Dash-The $1,000,000

Watergate.3: I Hope / Various: Watergate.3: I Hope / Various

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