Vogelweide / Mustonen: Jerusalem

Vogelweide / Mustonen: Jerusalem
Title: Jerusalem
Label: Estonian Record Prod

Medieval music often surprises us with it's oriental sounds. The East was a greater influence to Europe in the Middle Ages than it is often realized. The Moors ruled the Iberian Peninsula for almost 800 years, and the East and the South influenced our culture, including music, through Spain and the crusades. The lute, bow and several oriental percussion instruments made their way to Europe and that is why the music of the southern cultures sounds so natural on ancient instruments. As a holy city for three world religions, not only a 'Clash of Cultures' took place in Jerusalem at all times, but also a musical transfer. On their latest recording the ensemble Hortus Musicus explores this musical exchange. Many of the songs included are traditional Jewish songs or anonymous tunes of unknown specific origins, while three are by composers Walther von der Vogelweide and Neidhart von Reventhal.

1.1 Palästinalied
1.2 Deus Miserere
1.3 Polorum Regina
1.4 Winder Wie Ist Nu Dein Kraft
1.5 La Quinte Estampie Real
1.6 Como Poden Per Sas Culpas
1.7 Owê Dirre Sumerzît
1.8 Stella Splendens
1.9 Chanconeta Tedescha
1.10 Lamma Bada
1.11 Kharwat Habibi
1.12 Istampitta la Belicha
1.13 Uri Tsafon
1.14 Adon Haselihot
1.15 Az Yashir Moshe
1.16 Samaitani Chalaitani
1.17 Reyah Hadas
1.18 Ma Navu Al Heharim
1.19 Lecha Dodi
1.20 Ani Tsame

Vogelweide / Mustonen: Jerusalem

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