Walls of Blood / Drover, Glen: Imperium

Walls of Blood: Imperium
Title: Imperium
Label: Metalville

The new band of Canadian exceptional guitarist Glen Drover. The musician from Ottawa has an impressive career. In addition to his own band "Eidolon", Drover has worked with such illustrious bands such as Megadeath, Testament or King Diamond as lead guitarist. WALLS OF BLOOD offer ten high class Power Metal songs. This impressive debut album features vocal guest appearances by Tim Owens (Judas Priest), Chuck Billy (Testament), Todd La Torre (Queensryche), Henning Basse (Metallium, Firewind) among others.

1.1 Leave This World Behind
1.2 Discordia
1.3 Waiting to Die
1.4 Blood Sacrifice Ritual
1.5 Tarnished Dream
1.6 Walls of Blood
1.7 The Fault of Man
1.8 Dark Lords of Sleep
1.9 Junkhead
1.10 Seven Spirits

Walls of Blood / Drover, Glen: Imperium

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