Warbringer: Woe To The Vanquished

Warbringer: Woe To The Vanquished
Title: Woe To The Vanquished
Artist: Warbringer
Label: Napalm
UPC: 840588108145
Genre: Rock, Heavy Metal

Warbringer has continued to evolve throughout it's 4 albums into the most lethal band in thrash, and delivers a monumental 5th record in Woe to the Vanquished. Taking the more progressive and ambitious leanings of Empires Collapse and tempering them with pure, unrelenting violence. The result is a unique hybrid strain of thrash and extreme metal that ranges from all-out speed assaults such as "Woe To The Vanquished" and "Shellfire" to the biggest song the band has ever done, the 11-minute "When The Guns Fell Silent." Warbringer makes a triumphant step forward on this record, it's an absolute must for anyone into metal today.

1.1 Silhouettes
1.2 Woe to the Vanquished
1.3 Remain Violent
1.4 Shellfire
1.5 Descending Blade
1.6 Spectral Asylum
1.7 Divinity of Flesh
1.8 When the Guns Fell Silent

Warbringer: Woe To The Vanquished


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