Watch Them Fade: Welcome To My Void

Watch Them Fade: Welcome To My Void
Title: Welcome To My Void
Artist: Watch Them Fade
Label: MDD
UPC: 4028466108944
Genre: Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal

Watch Them Fade - Welcome To My Void / For all Fans of the genre! - Breakdowns, Midtempo, Groove, Screams, Melodic-Death-Leads - all what fans of deathcore/metalcore need! Stunning and brute debut album by the germans. a blast of rage and violence culminating in an innovative melodic metal core epic!

1.1 The End Is Nigh
1.2 Welcome to My Void
1.3 Horizon
1.4 Isochronism
1.5 So Cold
1.6 Nothing Remains
1.7 Cheerless
1.8 I Am Alive
1.9 My Heart Is Dying in Your Dead Rotten Hands
1.10 Tread Your Path
1.11 Mathematics with Butterflies

Watch Them Fade: Welcome To My Void


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