Weedeater: Goliathan

Weedeater: Goliathan
Title: Goliathan
Artist: Weedeater
Label: Season of Mist
UPC: 822603135527
Genre: Rock

The infamous rock outlaws Weedeater return with 'Goliathan,' their long-awaited new album. 'Goliathan' is the crossroad where true Southern rock/metal meets raw humor and old religion, and embodies the bands trademark shuffle and swagger rightly. Syrupy slow riffs are buoyed by canyon deep bass and some of the hardest-hitting drumming since Keith Moon. Full-on bruiser 'Cain Enabler,' 'Claw of the Sloth,' and the aptly-named 'Bully' demonstrate that 'Goliathan' is vintage Weedeater and the soon-to-be gold standard of Southern sludge metal.

1.1 Processional
1.2 Goliathan
1.3 Cain Enabler
1.4 Bow Down
1.5 Battered ; Fried
1.6 Claw of the Sloth
1.7 Bully
1.8 Joseph (All Talk)
1.9 Reprise
1.10 Benaddiction

Weedeater: Goliathan


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