We'Ve Got a Fuzzbox & We're Going to Use It: Bostin Steve Austin: Splendiferous Edition

Title: Bostin Steve Austin: Splendiferous Edition
Artist: We'Ve Got a Fuzzbox & We're Going to Use It
Label: Cherry Red
UPC: 5013929154834
Genre: Rock

Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition of the debut long-player from the mighty We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It. Hailing from Birmingham, England, the punk-pop, all-female quartet, also known simply as Fuzzbox first made their mark on the nation when their debut single 'XX Sex'/'Rules and Regulations' stormed the UK indie charts reaching the coveted Indie #1 spot in 1986 for a staggering nine week stint. Cited as a "Loud, gaudy and mildly controversial both visually and aurally, with a willful raw amateurishness to their playing... ", the band soon earned the respect of influential publications such as the NME, Melody Maker as well as recognition from DJ's Janice Long and the late, great John Peel. This Splendiferous Edition of the band's seminal classic Bostin' Steve Austin originally made it's CD debut on Cherry Red in 2013, some 27 years after it's premiere on Vindaloo/WEA Records. The deluxe CD booklet features sleeve notes from the band's drummer Tina, complete with original and expanded artwork, featuring: single sleeve art, lyrics and rare promotional materials.

1.1 Love Is the Slug
1.2 Wait and See
1.3 Jackie
1.4 Spirit in the Sky
1.5 XX Sex
1.6 Alive
1.7 What's the Point
1.8 You Got Me
1.9 Hollow Girl
1.10 Console Me
1.11 Rules and Regulations
1.12 Preconceptions
2.1 Rules and Regulations (7-Inch Mix)
2.2 XX Sex (Ep Version)
2.3 Do I Want To?
2.4 She
2.5 Aaarrrggghhh!!!
2.6 Rockin' with Rita (Head to Toe)
2.7 Fuzzy Faves
2.8 Aaarrrggghhh!!! (Remix)
2.9 Spirit in the Sky (Shortish Mix)
2.10 Justine
2.11 Radio Fuzzbox
2.12 What's the Point (7-Inch Mix)
2.13 Fever
2.14 Fuzzy Ramblings
2.15 Bohemian Rhapsody
2.16 Rules and Regulations (Splendiferous Mix)
2.17 Rockin' with Rita (Head to Toe) (Beach Party Mix)
2.18 Love Is the Slug (Bargainous Longerer Mix)
2.19 What's the Point (The Bostinous One)
2.20 Rules and Regulations (Motormark Mix)
2.21 XX Sex (Gully's Mix)
2.22 By the Light of the Silvery Moon

We'Ve Got a Fuzzbox & We're Going to Use It: Bostin Steve Austin: Splendiferous Edition


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