Witch Vomit: Poisoned Blood

Witch Vomit: Poisoned Blood
Title: Poisoned Blood
Artist: Witch Vomit
Label: 20 Buck Spin
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 721616808612
Genre: Soundtrack

Vinyl LP pressing mastered at 45 rpm for maximum mangling. 2017 release from the Northwest death metal band. Witch Vomit shares members with fellow Portland bands Torture Rack and Triumvir Foul. The subtly monikered Witch Vomit from Portland, OR, offered thee obscure gem of the 2016 death metal underground with their A Scream From The Tomb Below full length. Many took note, and now 20 Buck Spin offers the first bloody taste of a new partnership with the band in the Poisoned Blood EP. Offering four new tracks and intro equaling over twenty minutes, this release is one of the most brutal recordings to come out of the Northwest in recent memory. Ranging from blasting deathgrind, foul Finnish obscurity and liquefied cannibalistic necromancy, the riffs on this bubble up like slimy green rot leaking from crypt walls. Though the core membership of Witch Vomit also performs surgeries for barbaric persecutors Torture Rack, and the two bands share a propensity for blasting storms of seared flesh chunks and glistening old guts, this band is mixing it's mashed bone stew with a wider array of viscera, melting brains with ancient violence and intensity.


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Witch Vomit: Poisoned Blood

Product-type:VINYL LP

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