Wolfram: Amadeus

Wolfram: Amadeus
Title: Amadeus
Artist: Wolfram
Label: Dfa Records
UPC: 829732264623
Genre: Electronic

Wolfram makes his triumphant return to DFA with Amadeus, a newly refined take on the Euro-disco pop he's become known for over the past several years. Released by Public Possession overseas, the record takes the spirit of his 2011 debut full-length and focuses it more specifically towards the dance floor, helped as always by a variety of collaborators: Peaches, Haddaway, Egyptian Lover, Yung Hurn, and more. A singular producer and entertainer, but coexisting in many worlds, Wolfram embeds a good sense of humor throughout his music. From the artists he works with, to his distinctively gleaming melodies, as well as his DJ sets at the likes of Robert Johnson, Wilden Renate, and Griessmuehle, Wolfram is a presence like no other. On Amadeus, Wolfram zeroes in on the most earworm-y aspects of his past work, concentrating it down until we're left with succinct, dopamine-inducing bangers. Tracks like "Graffiti in Tehran" and "Rein" recall the hi-octane crunch of artists like Daft Punk, while "Automatic" and "My Love Is For Real" both make use of soaring disco piano, taking the listener on a dance floor odyssey. The world he creates is one of high-gloss and high spirits - low brow, high concept with an Italo tinge, creating a unique brand of anthemic futuristic disco. This album begs one to come along for an irresistible ride in a beat-up vintage Ferrari, faux fur-lined bucket seats not included.

1.1 Scirocco
1.2 Automatic (Feat. Peaches)
1.3 Graffiti in Tehran
1.4 My Love Is for Real (Feat. Haddaway) [Dance Mix]
1.5 What Is It Like (Feat. Pamela Anderson)
1.6 Rein (Feat. Yung Hurn ; Egyptian Lover)
1.7 Put Me in Your Mobile Phone
1.8 Catalyst
1.9 My Love Is for Real (Feat. Haddaway) [Live at the Cathedral]

Wolfram: Amadeus


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