Wovenhand: The Threshingfloor

Woven Hand: The Threshingfloor
Title: The Threshingfloor
Artist: Wovenhand
Label: Sounds Familyre
UPC: 656605553627
Genre: Alt-Country & Americana

The Threshingfloor lies at the foot of a mountain in the American West. It's American Indian country: chiseled by canyons, where everything is magnificent and arresting and echoes with whispers of the supernatural. The Threshingfloor, Wovenhand's sixth full-length album, is distinctively marked by the place where it was made-a mythical yet familiar place echoed the world over. Soundscape mimics landscape, towering and jagged like high peaks, enveloping like the star-studded dome of the sky. We are acutely aware of our own smallness, as our senses are accosted by something otherworldly.

1.1 Sinking Hands
1.2 The Threshingfloor
1.3 A Holy Measure
1.4 Raise Her Hands
1.5 His Rest
1.6 Singing Grass
1.7 Behind Your Breath
1.8 Truth
1.9 Terre Haute
1.10 Orchard Gate
1.11 Wheatstraw
1.12 Denver City

Wovenhand: The Threshingfloor


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