Yanni: Yanni: Live At The Acropolis (25th Anniversary)

Yanni: Yanni: Live At The Acropolis (25th Anniversary)
Title: Yanni: Live At The Acropolis (25th Anniversary)
Label: Masterworks

Deluxe CD + DVD + Blu-ray edition. Features digitally remastered and expanded CD including bonus tracks plus DVD and Blu-ray that contains the live video and bonus content. Also features 60 page booklet. Live at the Acropolis was released in 1994 and is Yanni's first ever live album and concert video. Recorded at the Herodes Atticus Theatre in Athens with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra from London, the concert took a year and a half to complete. The album was mixed and produced by Yanni in his home studio and was made into a TV special that aired in the States on PBS. Live at the Acropolis became an incredible success and is the second best selling music video of all time.

1.1 CD - Santorini
1.2 Keys to Imagination
1.3 Felitsa (Bonus)
1.4 The Rain Must Fall
1.5 Until the Last Moment
1.6 Acroyali
1.7 Standing in Motion
1.8 One Man's Dream
1.9 Within Attraction
1.10 Nostalgia
1.11 The End of August (Bonus)
1.12 Swept Away
1.13 Reflections of Passion
1.14 Ode to Humanity
2.1 DVD - Santorini
2.2 Until the Last Moment
2.3 Keys to Imagination
2.4 The Rain Must Fall
2.5 Felitsa
2.6 Within Attraction
2.7 One Man's Dream
2.8 Marching Season
2.9 Nostalgia
2.10 Acroyali / Standing in Motion
2.11 Aria
2.12 Reflections of Passion
2.13 Swept Away
2.14 The End of August
2.15 Behind-The-Scenes Footage of the Making of Yanni Life at the Acropolis
2.16 Backstage Interviews with Yanni and Members of His Band
3.1 Blu-ray - Santorini
3.2 Until the Last Moment
3.3 Keys to Imagination
3.4 The Rain Must Fall
3.5 Felitsa
3.6 Within Attraction
3.7 One Man's Dream
3.8 Marching Season
3.9 Nostalgia
3.10 Acroyali / Standing in Motion
3.11 Aria
3.12 Reflections of Passion
3.13 Swept Away
3.14 The End of August
3.15 25 Min. Interview with Yanni in HD

Yanni: Yanni: Live At The Acropolis (25th Anniversary)

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