Zephyr in the Swamp: Sessions 81-83

Zephyr in the Swamp: Sessions 81-83
Title: Sessions 81-83
Artist: Zephyr in the Swamp
Label: Vinyl on Demand
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 769791910027
Genre: Electronic

Zephyr in the Swamp (Brendan Coyle and Colin Hughes) originated from the Wirral, England-based synth trio The Games. The duo's friend Martin Graham joined briefly as a vocalist, but after he passed away the band continued as a duo. This album contains hypnotic, moody, melodic instrumentals created after the breakup of The Games, between 1981 and 1983. They created the music at Melva Rooms and The Loft (spaces provided by the late Mr. Whooley in Oxton, Wirral) with a Roland SH-09, a Boss Dr. Rhythm, and a Roland Organ/Strings 09, using sound-on-sound echo effects through an Akai 4000D and triggering the drum machine into various patterns. The recordings, some of which the band didn't realize existed, were unearthed from cassette and reel-to-reel tapes and were extremely fragile - in some cases unsalvageable. And so Zephyr in the Swamp took the best tracks from the collection and had them mastered for vinyl

1.1 My Time
1.2 Memoirs
1.3 I Want to Look at Pictures
1.4 If It Was You
1.5 Energy in Lights
1.6 The Instrumentalists
1.7 That's What Pop Is About (Instrumental)
2.1 Upstate That Melody
2.2 Pulse Width
2.3 Agent Woman Pesto
2.4 That's What Pop Is About
2.5 Horns of Bedlam
2.6 The Determining Factor
2.7 Runway No 19

Zephyr in the Swamp: Sessions 81-83

Product-type:VINYL LP

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