Aktarum: Trollvengers

Aktarum: Trollvengers
Title: Trollvengers
Label: Art Gates Records

Aktarum are a 5-pieced combo from Belgium. The band distinguished itself with their "Troll Metal"sounds and stories, combining heavy loud riffing with epic melodies. Lyrically, these 5 trolls spreadthe tales and stories of the village of Aktarum, sharing their will of partying with everyone.

1.1 A Tale of Trolls
1.2 The Blood of Trolls
1.3 In the Name of Trolls
1.4 Trollvengers
1.5 Of Trolls and Men
1.6 The Trolls and the Dwarves
1.7 Troll Zeppelin
1.8 The Misty Mountain Troll
1.9 To Valhatroll
1.10 Troll Wrath
1.11 Pirates Vs Trolls
1.12 A Troll Farewell

Aktarum: Trollvengers

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