Angel Witch: Angel Of Light

Angel Witch: Angel Of Light
Title: Angel Of Light
Label: Metal Blade

Forty years and more have passed since the original inception of Angel Witch rose from the inauspicious locale of suburban Kent with the doom-laden clangor of Black Sabbath ringing in it's ears and leading a movement of bands that reinvented heavy metal as a form darker, heavier, faster and more intense than anything previously issued forth. With songwriter, lead guitarist and chief architect Kevin Heybourne engineering a psychic realm where horror and fantasy imagery locked horns with pulverizing riffage and razorsharp hooks, the band were soon vying for supremacy amidst an alarmingly fertile scene that also included Iron Maiden, Diamond Head and Saxon, yet with arguably the heaviest and most otherworldly dimensions at their disposal of anyone in range.

1.1 Don't Turn Your Back
1.2 Death from Andromeda
1.3 We Are Damned
1.4 The Night is Calling
1.5 Condemned
1.6 Window of Despair
1.7 I Am Infamy
1.8 Angel of Light

Angel Witch: Angel Of Light

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