King, B.B.: Vintage Years

B.B. King: Vintage Years
Title: Vintage Years
Label: Ace Records UK

4 CD box set with 106 remastered tracks from his years on Kent Records from the 50's & 60's and a 74 page book.

1.1 3 O'Clock Blues
1.2 You Know I Love You
1.3 Woke Up This Morning
1.4 Please Love Me
1.5 Blind Love
1.6 You Upset Me Baby
1.7 Every Day I Have the Blues
1.8 Ten Long Years
1.9 Crying Won't Help You
1.10 Did You Ever Love a Woman
1.11 Bad Luck
1.12 Sweet Little Angel
1.13 Why I Sing the Blues
1.14 Worry Worry
1.15 Sweet Sixteen
1.16 My Own Fault Aka It's My Fault
1.17 Good Man Gone Bad
1.18 I'll Survive
1.19 Walking Dr Bill
1.20 You're Breaking My Heart
1.21 Gonna Miss You Around Here
1.22 Downhearted (How Blue Can You Get?)
1.23 Ain't Nobody's Business
1.24 Rock Me Baby
1.25 BB Boogie
1.26 Mistreated Woman
1.27 Other Night Blues
1.28 Walkin and Cryin
1.29 My Baby's Gone
1.30 Don't You Want a Man Like Me
1.31 She's Dynamite
1.32 BB Blues
1.33 A New Way of Driving
1.34 Questionnaire Blues
1.35 Hard Workin Woman
1.36 She's a Mean Woman
1.37 Pray for You
1.38 That Ain't the Way to Do It
1.39 She Don't Move Me No More
1.40 Fine Lookin Woman
1.41 My Own Fault Darlin Aka It's My Fault
1.42 Shake It Up and Go
1.43 Gotta Find My Baby
1.44 Some Day Somewhere
1.45 You Didn't Want Me
1.46 Story from My Heart and Soul
1.47 Boogie Woogie Woman
1.48 Highway Bound
1.49 Neighbourhood Affair
1.50 Why Did You Leave Me
1.51 Praying to the Lord
1.52 Please Help Me
1.53 Love You Baby Aka Take a Swing with Me
1.54 When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer
1.55 Woman I Love
1.56 Everything I Do Is Wrong
1.57 Whole Lotta Love
1.58 Boogie Rock Aka House Rocker
1.59 Dark Is the Night Pt.1
1.60 Dark Is the Night Pt.2
1.61 Let's Do the Boogie
1.62 Sweet Little Angel
1.63 Confessin the Blues
1.64 Baby Look at You
1.65 You Don't Know
1.66 Be Careful with a Fool
1.67 Recession Blues
1.68 Days of Old
1.69 You Know I Go for You
1.70 Don't Look Now But I've Got the Blues
1.71 Sweet Thing
1.72 I've Got Papers on You Baby
1.73 Tomorrow Is Another Day
1.74 Sneakin Around
1.75 Please Accept My Love
1.76 Early in the Morning
1.77 On My Word of Honor
1.78 Don't Get Around Much Anymore
1.79 Why Not
1.80 Precious Lord
1.81 I'm King
1.82 Baby Please Don't Go
1.83 Mean Old Frisco
1.84 I've Got a Right to Love My Baby
1.85 Fishin After Me Aka Catfish Blues
1.86 Partin Time
1.87 Bad Luck Soul
1.88 You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
1.89 Get Out of Here
1.90 Hold That Train
1.91 Bad Case of Love
1.92 Let Me Love You
1.93 Mashed Potato Twist
1.94 Got Em Bad
1.95 Christmas Celebration
1.96 Down Now
1.97 Beautician Blues
1.98 Worst Thing in My Life
1.99 Blue Shadows
1.100 It's a Mean World
1.101 Five Long Years
1.102 Make Me Blue
1.103 Blues Stay Away from Me
1.104 The Jungle
1.105 That Evil Child
4.26 That Evil Child

King, B.B.: Vintage Years

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