Brisa Roche: Invisible 1

Brisa Roche: Invisible 1
Title: Invisible 1
Label: Kwaidan Records

It's sometimes good to keep admirers at a distance. For her "come-back" album, Brisa Roche follows this rule to the letter. After four albums in France, she returned to her native California - not the one with six-lane highways and palm trees, but the one up north, where mountain lions roam, and sequoias tower. There, hidden in her home-studio, she channeled song after song, inspired by tracks arriving from producers all over the world.The Invisible 1 album is titled as such because anything is possible when limitations imposed by a studio setting are discarded, when judgments and timidity are veiled by distance, when collaborations multiply across the waves, when intimacy with strangers makes art. Brisa writes quickly, urgent with the novelty of imported sounds and privacy, 40 melodic arrangements, 40 stories told, narrowed down now to a 14-song album with two sides, upon which two sides of her personality dance.

1.1 Lit Accent
1.2 Echo of What I Want
1.3 Night Bus
1.4 Baby Come Over
1.5 Groupie
1.6 A Minute
1.7 Disco
1.8 You Like a Fire
1.9 Each One of Us
1.10 Diamond Snake
1.11 Walk with Me
1.12 Vinylize
1.13 Find Me

Brisa Roche: Invisible 1

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