Stevens, Cat: Ultimate Collection

Cat Stevens: Ultimate Collection
Title: Ultimate Collection
Label: Music on CD

2007 three CD anthology from the singer songwriter now known as Yusuf Islam. This perfect collection brings together hits, radio favorites, album tracks and more, showing all sides to Cat Stevens emotive songwriting. He never sounded like anyone else, nor has anyone else sounded like him since. He is, without a doubt, one of the great singer/songwriter icons of the '70s, Although his songs are barely three decades old, they sound like they've always been here. Features "Morning Has Broken", "The First Cut Is the Deepest", "Wild World", "Where Do the Children Play", "Moonshadow" and many more. Universal.

1.1 Lad D'arbanville (Disc 01)
1.2 Father and Son
1.3 Hard Headed Woman
1.4 Wild World
1.5 Where Do the Children Play
1.6 Miles from Nowhere
1.7 Sad Lisa
1.8 On the Road to Find Out
1.9 Into White
1.10 Pop Star
1.11 Trouble
1.12 Katmandu
1.13 I Wish, I Wish
1.14 Maybe You're Right
1.15 I Think I See the Light
1.16 Fill My Eyes
1.17 Rubylove
1.18 Changes LV
1.19 Morning Has Broken (Disc 02)
1.20 Tuesday's Dead
1.21 Peace Train
1.22 Moonshadow
1.23 The Wind
1.24 Bitterblue
1.25 I Want to Live in a Wigwam
1.26 If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out
1.27 Sitting
1.28 Can't Keep It in
1.29 18th Avenue (Kansas City Nightmare)
1.30 Silent Sunlight
1.31 The Hurt
1.32 Oh Very Young
1.33 Jzero
1.34 Land O' Freelove ; Goodbye
1.35 (I Never Wanted) to Be a Star
1.36 Two Fine People
1.37 Another Saturday Night (Disc 03)
1.38 Banapple Gas
1.39 (Rember the Days of the) Old Schoolyard
1.40 Life
1.41 Child for a Day
1.42 Just Another Night
1.43 Daytime
1.44 Bad Brake
1.45 Father
1.46 Midday (Avoid City After Dark) (Yusuf Islam)
1.47 Matthew ; Son
1.48 I Love My Dog
1.49 I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun
1.50 Here Comes My Baby
1.51 A Bad Night
1.52 The First Cut Is the Deepest
1.53 Lady D'arbanville [Live]
1.54 Father and Son [Live]

Stevens, Cat: Ultimate Collection

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