Death SS: Black Mass

Title: Black Mass
Artist: Death SS
Label: Shadow Kingdom
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 020286222569
Genre: Rock, Heavy Metal

Vinyl LP pressing. Shadow Kingdom Records reissues Death SS's legendary second album, Black Mass. One of the most cult names in international heavy metal, Italy's Death SS have influenced numerous acts over the past three decades in their long, twisted history, equally impacting the nascent speed metal and black metal scenes with their trademark ghoulish and theatrical presentation. Originally released in 1989, Black Mass was the heated follow-up to their wild 'n' weird debut... In Death of Steve Sylvester. Kicking off with "Kings of Evil," almost as a statement of pride, Death SS here took on a more modern and juiced-up aspect. With the energy more intense and the compositions more complex, Black Mass quickly became a more epic and almost "storytelling" listen. Granted, the band's trademark horror-laden atmosphere remained, but as a whole, Black Mass slotted well alongside the likes of King Diamond and Lizzy Borden and made Death SS a more contemporary band without sacrificing any ancient power.

1.1 Kings of Evil
1.2 Horrible Eyes
1.3 Cursed Mama
1.4 Buried Alive
1.5 Welcome to My Hell
1.6 Devil's Rage
1.7 In the Darkness
1.8 Black Mass
1.9 The Mandrake Root

Death SS: Black Mass

Product-type:VINYL LP

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