Domino, Fats: The Definitive Stereo Fats Domino: 29 Classics

Domino, Fats: The Definitive Stereo Fats Domino: 29 Classics
Title: The Definitive Stereo Fats Domino: 29 Classics
Label: Hit Parade

What music would you be listening to right now if there had been no Fats Domino? Maybe Mantovani. But thank God there was Fats, one of a handful of musicians who created what we call rock 'n' roll. Those architects of this new genre of music had no idea that what they were creating would last more than 70 years (and counting). They also had no idea that technology would advance to allow us to hear their masterworks in a whole new way - in glorious stereo that few could have imagined back in the '50s. From "Blueberry Hill" to "Red Sails In The Sunset," this amazing CD is jam-packed with all his hits from the beginning. The classics you first heard on a transistor radio now take on new life, thanks to 21st century technology. And that ain't no shame. Audiophile quality sound. 18 Stereo Debuts. Includes 12-page booklet with essay by Fred Bronson. To hear sounds samples just Google "The Definitive Stereo Fats Domino: 29 Classics" on Hit Parade. (Import).

1.1 Blueberry Hill [2022 Remix Debut]
1.2 I'm Walkin' [Stereo Debut]
1.3 I'm in Love Again [Stereo Debut]
1.4 Ain't That a Shame [2018 Stereo Debut]
1.5 Blue Monday [Stereo Debut]
1.6 Walking to New Orleans [Stereo Remix]
1.7 I Want to Walk You Home [Stereo Remix]
1.8 It's You I Love [Stereo Debut]
1.9 Whole Lotta Loving [Stereo Debut]
1.10 Be My Guest
1.11 What a Party
1.12 When My Dreamboat Comes Home [Stereo Debut]
1.13 Jambalaya (On the Bayou) [Stereo Debut]
1.14 My Girl Josephine [Stereo Remix]
1.15 I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday [Stereo Debut]
1.16 Don't Come Knockin' [Stereo Remix]
1.17 My Blue Heaven [Stereo Debut]
1.18 Valley of Tears [Stereo Debut]
1.19 Three Nights a Week [Stereo Remix]
1.20 I Hear You Knocking
1.21 Let the Four Winds Blow [Stereo Remix]
1.22 I'm Ready [Stereo Debut]
1.23 Bo Weevil [Stereo Debut]
1.24 Wait and See [Stereo Debut]
1.25 Sick and Tired [Stereo Debut]
1.26 Going to the River [Stereo Debut]
1.27 The Fat Man [Stereo Debut]
1.28 When the Saints Go Marching in
1.29 Red Sails in the Sunset

Domino, Fats: The Definitive Stereo Fats Domino: 29 Classics

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