Double Six: Razor's Edge

Double Six: Razor&
Title: Razor's Edge
Artist: Double Six
Label: El Toro
UPC: 8437010194450
Genre: Rockabilly

2011 release from the Barcelona-based Rock 'n' Rollers. Sharp as a razor blade strongly influenced by leather clad rockers such as Vince Taylor or the late Screamin' Lord Sutch. Double Six have left behind their backs many rampage nights, plenty of hard driving R&R in sleazy clubs and countless gallons of beer since the band was born 10 years ago. Their raw rhythm and savage vocals, rounded off with a pumpin' piano, pounds the sounds of Chuck berry, Little Richard, Billy Fury, Del Shannon or even the Killer himself! Not to forget the devotion these cats feel for some late 50's Mexican outfits and they show it! Double Six bring you back to the days when Rock a Billy was the thing and Hank Mizell's Jungle Rock was the king.

1.1 Yes Sir, That´S My Baby
1.2 Thirty Days
1.3 Teddy Boy Rock and Roll
1.4 Steady Date
1.5 Sacas Lo Peor de Mi
1.6 Polvora (Dynamite)
1.7 Please Don´T Touch
1.8 Lights Out
1.9 La Moto
1.10 Jet Black
1.11 Great Balls of Fire
1.12 Do You Really Love Me Too
1.13 La Chica Alborotada (Tallahassee Lassie)
1.14 Black Is Black

Double Six: Razor's Edge


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