Dream Theatre: Original Album Series

Dream Theatre: Original Album Series
Title: Original Album Series
Artist: Dream Theatre
Label: Warner Bros UK
UPC: 081227976309
Genre: Rock

Budget collection that packages five studio albums together in one box. Albums include AWAKE, FALLING INTO INFINITY, IMAGES AND WORDS, METROPOLIS PT 2, and TRAIN OF THOUGHT.

1.1 Pull Me Under
1.2 Another Day
1.3 Take the Time
1.4 Surrounded
1.5 Metropolis - Part I ["The Miracle and the Sleeper"]
1.6 Under a Glass Moon
1.7 Wait for Sleep
1.8 Learning to Live
1.9 6:00
1.10 Caught in a Web
1.11 Innocence Faded
1.12 Erotomania
1.13 Voices
1.14 The Silent Man
1.15 The Mirror
1.16 Lie
1.17 Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
1.18 Scarred
1.19 Space-Dye Vest
1.20 New Millennium (LP Version)
1.21 You Not Me (Edit)
1.22 Peruvian Skies (LP Version)
1.23 Hollow Years (LP Version)
1.24 Burning My Soul (LP Version)
1.25 Hell's Kitchen (LP Version)
1.26 Lines in the Sand (LP Version)
1.27 Take Away My Pain (LP Version)
1.28 Just Let Me Breathe (LP Version)
1.29 Anna Lee (LP Version)
1.30 Trial of Tears - It's Raining / Deep in Heaven / the Wasteland (LP Version)
1.31 Regression [Scene One]
1.32 Overture 1928 [Scene Two]
1.33 Strange Deja Vu [Scene Two]
1.34 Through My Words [Scene Three]
1.35 Fatal Tragedy [Scene Three]
1.36 Beyond This Life [Scene Four]
1.37 Through Her Eyes [Scene Five]
1.38 Home [Scene Six]
1.39 The Dance of Eternity [Scene Seven]
1.40 One Last Time [Scene Seven]
1.41 The Spirit Carries on [Scene Eight]
1.42 Finally Free [Scene Nine]
1.43 As I Am (Album Version)
1.44 This Dying Soul (Album Version)
1.45 Endless Sacrifice (Album Version)
1.46 Honor Thy Father (Album Version)
1.47 Vacant (Album Version)
1.48 Stream of Consciousness (Album Version)
1.49 In the Name of God (Album Version)

Dream Theatre: Original Album Series


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