Fm: Indiscreet & Tough It Out

Fm: Indiscreet & Tough It Out
Title: Indiscreet & Tough It Out
Label: Bgo - Beat Goes on

Two strong and classy albums from mid-late 80s Brit AORsters FM, the one band on the scene other than Magnum who had anything vaguely approaching a hit single. Fronted by the charismatic Overland brothers, their sound was the closest a UK band came to the sounds of Journey, Survivor, Night Ranger etc- although their own influences included everything from Split Enz through Zeppelin to blues and soul and they were more Metal than Cutting Crew or Mister Mister had ever been. Of the two albums, Tough It Out was the masterpiece- featuring 'Bad Luck', 'Every time I Think of You' and a host of other songs with (unfortunately) similar titles to other people's. Sadly, despite mucho acclaim in the rock press, both these albums tanked, and FM never reaped the rewards they deserved. Nevertheless, these are still two great albums. Digitally remastered, slip-cased with new notes. BGO. 2005.

1.1 That Girl
1.2 Other Side of Midnight
1.3 Love Lies Dying
1.4 I Belong to the Night
1.5 American Girls
1.6 Hot Wired
1.7 Face to Face
1.8 Frozen Heart
1.9 Heart of the Matter
1.10 Tough It Out
1.11 Don't Stop
1.12 Bad Luck
1.13 Someday
1.14 Everytime I Think of You
1.15 Burning My Heart Down
1.16 The Dream That Died
1.17 Obsession
1.18 Can You Hear Me Calling?
1.19 Does It Feel Like Love?
1.20 Feels So Good

Fm: Indiscreet & Tough It Out

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