Foyer Red: Yarn The Hours Away

Title: Yarn The Hours Away
Artist: Foyer Red
Label: Carpark Records
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 677517016611
Genre: Rock

Foyer Red's potent art rock embodies a spirit of collaborative exploration, as seemingly endless ideas accrue and collide as part of a musical conversation between the band, a sensation that is heightened by the literal conversation between their three vocalists. It's a formula that blends masterful left-field pop songwriting with absolute chaos, and on Yarn the Hours Away, the result is a collection of surrealist indie rock that is a testament to their unshakable bond and obvious chemistry. 1. Plumbers Unite! 2. Unwaxed Flavored Floss 3. Wetland Walk 4. A Barnyard Bop 5. Etc 6. Gorgeous 7. Blue Jazz 8. Pocket 9. Oh, David 10. Time Slips 11. Big Paws 12. Toy Wagon


Foyer Red: Yarn The Hours Away

Product-type:VINYL LP

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