Zappa, Frank: Make a Jazz Noise Here

Frank Zappa: Make a Jazz Noise Here
Title: Make a Jazz Noise Here
Artist: Zappa, Frank
Label: Zappa Records
UPC: 824302388327
Genre: Rock

1.1 Stinkfoot
1.2 When Yuppies Go to Hell
1.3 Fire and Chains
1.4 Let S Make the Water Turn Black
1.5 Harry, You're a Beast
1.6 The Orange County Lumber Truck
1.7 Oh No
1.8 Theme from Lumpy Gravy
1.9 Eat That Question
1.10 Black Napkins
1.11 Big Swifty
1.12 King Kong
1.13 Star Wars Won't Work
2.1 The Black Page [New Age Version] [Version]
2.2 T Mershi Duween
2.3 Dupree S Paradise
2.4 City of Tiny Lights
2.5 Royal March from L Histoire Du Soldat
2.6 Theme from the Bartok Piano Concerto #3
2.7 Sinister Footwear 2nd MVT
2.8 Stevie S Spanking
2.9 Alien Orifice
2.10 Cruisin for Burgers
2.11 Advance Romance
2.12 Strictly Genteel

Zappa, Frank: Make a Jazz Noise Here


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