Hasse / Simone: Arie D'opera

Hasse / Simone: Arie D&
Title: Arie D'opera
Label: Tactus Records

The German composer Johann Adolf Hasse was born in Bergedorf on 25 March 1699 and died in Venice on 23 December 1783. He chose Italy as his adopted country: there he was nicknamed "the dear Saxon". He was a pupil of Nicola Porpor and Alessandro Scarlatti, from whom he learned the typical composition style of the Neapolitan School. In 1727 he was appointed Kapellmeister of the Conservatorio degli Incurabili of Venice, the city in which he met his bride, Faustina Bordoni. He was engaged as a composer by the Polish court, for which he composed a great number of operas that were staged in Dresden and in other European countries, particularly Italy. The arias presented here by Elena de Simone belong to the genre of the opera seria and have been chosen among the most representative ones in Hasse's unpublished production, which is based on texts - most of them by Metastasio and Apostolo Zeno - that were a great source of inspiration for the major European musicians of that time.

1.1 Parto Ma Tu Ben Mio
1.2 Tradita, Sprezzata
1.3 Deh Se Piacer Me Vuoi
1.4 Uomini
1.5 Se Tutti I Mali Miei
1.6 Al Diletto Che L'inonda
1.7 Fissa Ne' Sguardi Miei
1.8 Dell'amante L'alma Bella
1.9 Eccomi Non Ferir
1.10 Amo, Bramo E Non Dispero

Hasse / Simone: Arie D'opera

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